This image shows a living room. The wall is newly painted.

You’re pretty excited about hiring a professional painting company and you want them to get to work on your home immediately. However, you’re not exactly sure what to expect, and you’re curious to learn more about the process. What should you do first? How will you know that you are hiring a reputable company? You probably have a lot of questions and you’re also feeling anxious about getting started. The good news is that there are ways in which you can simplify the decision-making process.

Color Advice

You can always trust a professional to help you pick out the color that works best for your home or business. Many of us tend to think that we can easily choose the color because we always believe that we have great tastes. The truth of the matter is that seeking a second opinion can make a world of difference – especially if that opinion is coming from someone who works for a professional painting service. They understand how color combinations work and they know all the best methods in making your home look up-to-date.

Free Estimate

An estimate is crucial to any professional painting service. It’s what allows you to crunch some numbers and determine if a professional paint job will meet your budgetary needs. And, when you receive your estimate, ask what’s included in the service. For example, the prep-work involved with any professional paint job is something you should leave to a professional. Your estimate should also encompass the time it takes to complete everything. Furthermore, if you get the chance, try to get a feel for the interpersonal skills of the painter. Are they communicative? Are they upfront about everything? You should try to learn about them as much as you can.

Proper Preparation

Some professional painters will spend more time on the prep-work and planning than they do on the actual painting process. If you are painting the exterior sections of your home, you will need to wash and repair every surface so that the paint will properly adhere to it. Interior preparations are also important. They require you to fill in and repair any imperfections in your walls, then wash them all down and tape off the areas that won’t receive any paint. You will also need to move your furniture so that none of it gets in the way during the painting process.

Equipment and Materials

A professional painter possesses all the tools and materials to get the job done. However, what sets apart a professional painting service from a DIY project is not only the types of tools they use, but also the quality and efficiency of the tool. A professional will have access to numerous brushes and rollers that they will use in a variety of scenarios. Other important supplies include tarps and a special type of tape used to seal off areas that won’t receive any paint. Furthermore, professional painters will only make use of high-end paint and primers rather than a paint/primer combination. Furthermore, the painter has immediate access to all of the best equipment and supplies. For a DIY painting project, you will need to acquire everything with your own money. Why spend money on supplies and materials you are only going to use once when you can hire a professional painting service?


Before hiring anyone, go online and find out what the community has to say. Online reviews from past customers are extremely valuable when searching for a contractor. They can provide you with plenty of insight on the pros and cons of hiring any particular service provider. You can also find pictures of their previous work, which will give you an idea of what the contractor can do, and it also allows you to visualize the way you want your home to appear. Looking at the pictures and reviews alone will sway you significantly when deciding on a service provider. Running a reputable business is essential for every professional painter and they will always prioritize customer satisfaction. The best websites to search for reviews include Facebook, Google, and the Better Business Bureau.

Saving Your Time

Let’s face it, DIY painting projects are a massive undertaking and they will demand a lot out of you. Sure, you may end up saving a few bucks, but think about all the time you have to set aside to get the job done. If you are doing all the work by yourself, it could take you weeks to get everything done and that’s if you have a few spare hours every day to work on it. It’s worth noting that the length of time it takes to paint your entire home or business will ultimately depend on the size and scope of the project. Hiring a team of professional painters, who possess ample experience and skill, will save you a lot of time.


Safety is always a big concern – especially when you need to paint a two-story home or building. Painters are constantly standing on tall ladders; they are always climbing roofs and leaning out windows. There are several unavoidable hazards with a professional paint job, and you could easily be putting your life at risk if you decide to undergo a DIY project. Although accidents are rare, there is always a chance that they can happen – and that’s what worries people the most. Why put yourself at risk when you can have a trained professional get the job done for you? Professional painters know when to push their limits and when to reign it in.

Quality Workmanship

Although it’s not particularly difficult to apply paint to a wall, there is a science to getting it done right. You want your paint job to look good, don’t you? A professional will know all the proper methods and techniques to covering certain areas of your home, such as the small gaps under the side paneling or above a door. A professional painting service can go a long way in ensuring that everything will look the way you visualized it.

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