Deck Refinishing

This image shows a newly stained deck.

Refinishing your wood deck can give a new look while also extending the life of your wood. There are many benefits to having your deck refinished that can give you a beautiful outdoor area that will increase the curb appeal of your home. Our professionals at Painting Missoula understand the many steps that go into refinishing your deck to give you an excellent new look to your outdoor area. Our team has many years of professional skill and knowledge to transform your tired old wood into a bright and refreshing area that is ready for entertainment. Refinishing your wood deck is not only about a good looking deck but also part of regular maintenance schedule to keep it looking great! Our experts at Painting Missoula can give you excellent care with your wood deck refinishing project while offering the best prices in the area!

Our Company Services

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Painting Missoula provides many different services to take the best care of your wood deck. We cover any area of your outdoor space like wooden pool decks, patios, and porches. There are many finishes to choose from when giving your deck a new look and making repairs and our team can help find the perfect finish to make your dream deck.

Below are some of our great services that can bring a new life to your wooden deck and create a beautiful space for entertainment.

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Deck Refinishing

  • Deck refinsihing can offer a great solution to a new and beautiful deck area. There are different steps in achieving the best outcome for refinishing your wood deck. The first step is inspecting for damage and repairing it and then comes power washing and cleaning. Finally the area is sanded and painted or stained to your preference for a new deck area!

Deck Staining

  • When applying a stain to your wooden deck there are many different shades to choose from to create the perfect entertainment area of your home. When staining we prepare the surface by making any repairs and cleaning the area to allow it to properly dry. Then we apply a beautiful stain to make your area look good as new and free from any dirt or discrepancies in the stain.
This image shows a newly stained deck.
This image shows a newly painted deck.

Wood Reconditioning

  • Wood is an absolutely beautiful material that has many different looks that can be achieved for a simple elegant look. Your wooden deck or patio is subject to the weather regardless of sun or rain, both can have damaging effects that can be fixed by wood reconditioning. Even the toughest wood will need cleaned, repaired, or reconditioned at some point as a part of regular maintenance.
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Having your wood deck refinished is a great way to make your deck looks its best while also adding other benefits. Below are some of the great benefits that wood deck refinishing offers!

Beautiful Appearance

  • One of the greatest benefits of having your wood deck refinished is the beautiful end product that refinishing offers. Having your deck refniished not only offers a new look altogether, but any damage is evaluated and repaired and the deck itself is throuroughly cleaned. Having a clean and dry are ensures that your stain or paint will go on smoothly creating the desired look! An old, worn, and weathered wooden deck can be an eyesore while having your deck refinsihed can offer a great new look that is perfect for entertaining guests and having get-togethers.
This image shows a newly painted deck.
This image shows a newly painted deck.

Prevent Damage from Your Deck

  • If you don’t keep your deck stained or painted regularly it can cause damage to the wood and cause rotting. The wood can begin to detriorate which can be a small step that can turn into rotting in severe cases that can cause you to need a total replacement. Not only can this prevent damage but it will protect your deck from other harsh elements as well like UV rays from the sun. Not only will preventing damage make your deck look better but can save money in the long run rather than losing money trying to replace failing components.

Increase the Value of Your Home

  • A wooden deck that hasn’t been properly maintained isn’t just an eyesore, but can be viewed as a liability. A deck like this can be a huge safety hazard which doesn’t do well for the value of your home. Having your deck refinsihed can offer a better look to your home while also increasing the value! Whether you plan on selling your home or not, having greater value to your home is great for anyone!
This image shows a newly repaired deck.