Color Matching

Painting Missoula is the professional team here to help with all your painting needs. When it comes to color matching it can be a hassle to try and go it alone. Let the professionals take the stress out of your painting job with expert color matching. Whether you are touching up a current color and need matching or have an item or color in mind that needs to be matched, our team can help you! There are many places in the world that you may draw inspiration from. It can be another room in your home, an accent color from a rug, a wall color from a magazine, or even just a favorite blouse that can be mixed and applied to your home to create your dream color. Our professionals are experts in helping to match your color and make your dream color a reality. Utilizing color matching, you never have to worry about knowing the name or brand of the color you want because our team can take care of it all!

The Benefits of Professional Color Matching

Having your paint professionally color-matched can offer many different benefits to bring your dream color to reality. Whether you are wanting to touch up a current room and can’t remember the exact shade name or you found something you just love the color on and want to bring it to your home our professionals can help. Color matching can be stressful but our team can make it fun!

Some of the great benefits of professional color matching can be seen below!


  • Having your paint professionally color-matched is a great way to save time on your project. Leaving it to the professionals gives you more time to focus on other aspects of your painting project rather than standing in the store for hours trying to find the perfect match!

Perfect Color

  • Color matching can be one of the hardest things to do when you take on a painting project. Whether you are looking to touch up an area in your home with that exact color or found the perfect shade of red in a magazine our team can match your color perfectly to guarantee your dream color is achieved.

Saving Money

  • Not only can having your paint professionally color-matched save on time but you can save money as well. It can be frustrating to go to the store and try to color match your paint on your own and be left with a color that is vastly different leaving you with a can of unused paint.
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There are many benefits to having your paint professionally color-matched but there are also many different tips for making it a great experience. Although we’re leaving it to the professionals there are things you can do to ensure the best color match.

Finding the Perfect Color

  • One of the first things to do when considering color matching is finding the perfect color. This is the case mostly in new colors because if you are wanting a touch-up color match you have found your perfect color. For new colors, there are different areas where you can find your perfect color. There are many websites available nowadays to give plenty of ideas for different color ideas and simply printing a picture or showing it to your painting professional is enough to get the perfect color match. You can take pictures from magazines, ideas from the internet, or even just an item in your home to find the perfect color.

Visualize Your Space

  • Consider all the different aspects of color matching whether you want to cover a complete room or just want an accent wall. This can save both time and money when you have a plan on what you want to accomplish with your color matching. You can save time having a plan in place with your room and also save money by not wasting too many supplies if you’re looking for just an accent wall. Having a plan in place of location and color is a great way to a positive experience.

Look At The Lighting

  • Another key to finding the perfect color matching when it comes to painting is considering the lighting of your space. If you draw your inspiration from a magazine photo that has a room full of beautiful natural lighting but want that color in your basement it may not look the same way. Consider the lighting of your space when picking out the perfect color so it matches your vision.
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Residential Spaces

  • Color matching in residential spaces can be a fun way to incorporate your favorite colors into your home. If you find a magazine article that has the kitchen of your dreams with the perfect shade of red our professionals can match and bring your dream kitchen color to your home. Our team can bring you an entire room of the perfect color, great accent walls, or even just match the color to give a fresh touch up to your area.

Commercial Spaces

  • Commercial spaces are one of the most specific places for color matching and our team is ready to deliver. In some cases, there are specific colors that need to be matched because of company logos. Our professionals are experts at color matching even in commercial spaces where it matters most. We can give the best color matching to ensure that your company logo is uniform to match the rest and give a professional look.
The Important Differences In Color Matching

Professionals VS Do It Yourself

DIY Color Matching

  • Unable to find the exact color that is desired.
  • Potentially wasted money on the wrong shade.
  • Using valuable time trying to match the perfect shade.
  • Dealing with the stress of finding the perfect color to match your vision.

Professional Color Matching

  • Saves time by matching the perfect color the first time.
  • Can match your perfect shade using pictures, other paint, or even objects.
  • Saves money by getting the perfect color the first time.
  • Create a stress-free environment by perfectly matching your dream color.

Why Choosing A Professional Is Best?

  • Choosing a professional is the best way to go when it comes to color matching. The team at Painting Missoula is ready to tackle your color matching needs and can be trusted to give you the perfect color for your space. We have a trained eye in matching colors whether it is a picture from a magazine or a color already in your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Touching Up My Current Paint Be A Perfect Match?

Our professionals are experts when it comes to matching current paint colors so there is no worry about having mismatched spaces in your home or business for touch-ups. Not only can we find the perfect matched color to touch-up your space, but our professionals are trained in how to do touch-ups so you won’t see paint strokes or a major difference with the touch-up.

Can You Color Match Anything, Even My Favorite Scarf?

Our team has a professional eye when it comes to color matching. Whether it is your favorite scarf, a picture off the internet, or even a lampshade you saw at the store we have you covered. We can help you with finding perfect colors for your space and bringing your vision to life with expert color matching skills.