Concrete Painting Services

We here at Painter Missoula offer all the experience, equipment and knowledge to provide you with premium concrete painting services. No matter the application and look that you want to achieve, we are the right people for the job. Unlike acid stains that require a spraying mechanism, you can easily concrete painting with a simple brush or roller. Concrete paint is also opaque, which means that with a couple of coatings you can easily hide any defects in your flooring. The entire process is also safer and more affordable than most concrete rehabilitative solutions.

Our professional concrete painting services also offer you myriad customization options. We will also always work closely with you to ensure that we are upgrading your existing concrete in a way that it turns out exactly the way you want it. We also get a lot of questions about epoxy flooring solutions, and we want to address how it compares to our premium painting services.

Types of Painting Service

When it comes to professional exterior and interior painting solutions, we are the people you can trust. We offer an array of services and are among the premier painting services in the area.

Our services are available for a variety of commercial and residential settings. Call us today and we can immediately get to work on revitalizing your concrete flooring.

Listed below are the types of services that we offer to anyone searching for concrete painting and rehabilitative solutions.

Residential Paintings

  • Whether it’s your backyard patio or pool deck, we are going to provide restorative solutions for the concrete material. Concrete painting services will transform those surfaces and make them more beautiful than ever before! As a professional home painter in the Missoula area, we can save and restore any concrete fixture. We want to help you add more curb appeal to your home.

Commercial Paintings

  • Let’s say you run a business and your interior flooring system is crumbling. You need someone who can effectively rehabilitate the material. That is where our concrete painting services will come in handy. Your flooring system is an integral part of your business and you should take the opportunity to upgrade it if you can.

Office Painters

  • We can also revamp any concrete flooring system within an office setting. These are areas that typically experience a lot of foot traffic, so you are going to need all the structural support you can get. Our professional concrete painting services will establish a much more functional flooring system. Also, upgrading the appearance of your flooring will greatly boost the morale of your employees.
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Concrete painting services offer many incredible benefits that you simply cannot refuse. Here are some reasons why hiring us is a perfect opportunity to transform your flooring system:

Improved Appearance

  • You will not find a simpler way to upgrade and renovate your flooring than with concrete painting. The coatings that we offer come in a variety of colors, which allows you to get creative with how you want the finish to appear. You can opt for a glossy and high-end finish to your concrete flooring or you can go with something a little more subtle or modest. Either way, you have the opportunity to customize your flooring so that it expresses something about you on a personal level.

A Cost-Effective Solution

  • Not only do we offer our concrete painting services at an incredibly affordable price, but you are also saving money in other ways. That is because you avoid having to demolish and remove the original concrete to install a new base material. This is not only a costly process, but it is also time-consuming. Also, if any imperfections arise in the coating, then you can repair it quickly and affordably. You can always retain your current flooring system and bring out the beauty in it without having to splurge on a complete remodel.


  • The strong and protective properties of the concrete painting that we apply are something that you won’t find with most materials. We have plenty of clients who tell us that the sturdy overlay the coating creates is what compels them to hire our services. The paint will effectively seal off your flooring and establish a barrier that provides the base material with extra protection. It will prevent your flooring system from crumbling and becoming worn down. Also, our services will go a long way in persevering your home flooring and extending its lifespan.
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Safety and Visibility

  • Our concrete painting service will provide you with a polished finish that will greatly improve visibility within the setting you choose to install it. This is one of the best safety measures that you can implement if you are a commercial or industrial operator. The reflective properties of the painting will illuminate your entire facility. The easier it is for your employees to see what they are doing, the less likely it is for an accident to occur. Some of the painting mixtures that we apply also contain anti-slip additives which will also go a long way in preventing accidents.


  • Most of us want to get as much usage out of our concrete flooring system as we possibly can. Our concrete painting services essentially serve as a protective coating that can seal off and waterproof your flooring. The paint offers incredible endurance and it’s also resistant to shock, moisture and even stains. Hiring us offers you the chance to preserve your flooring and avoid having to undergo any major renovations for quite some time.
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