This image shows a nice mural.

Painting Missoula is here to offer custom murals for your business to give a personal touch to your store or office. Murals are the perfect way to create a space that conveys your product or service with a creative outlook. Murals can be found in homes for themed rooms for babies and kids but are more often found in places like doctor’s offices, bookstores, coffee shops, and more. Having a mural in your business is much better than wallpaper giving a unique personal touch and the option for custom designs. There are many size options available so even if you think your space is too small a mural can still be done to give a personal touch for customers to enjoy. Although mural prices can vary depending on size and design, Painting Missoula is committed to giving you the best price guaranteed!

Popular Places Murals Can Be Painted

This image shows a nice mural.

Having a mural painted in your business is the perfect opportunity to make your business of office space more personal for clients and customers. Murals can be found in many different spaces to create a fun environment full of personality. Murals done professionally by Painting Missoula are guaranteed to be your vision brought to life for a price that will work perfectly in your budget.

Below is a list of some of the perfect places you can find our beautiful mural work!

This image shows a nice mural.

Doctor Offices

  • Doctor offices are a great place to have murals painted whether it is a general physician or a pediatric office there are many designs that can be achieved to make patients feel calmer. For pediatricians, you can choose designs like butterflies and fish to bring out fun colors for young patients to keep them comfortable. Other offices can choose nature scenes for a calming effect and make patients feel more comfortable.

Book Stores

  • Book stores are the perfect place for murals! The designs can be made to represent different book genres or tell a story of their own altogether. Having the perfect mural in your book store can draw in customers with beautiful art and let them have the opportunity to truly let their imagination soar just as a book would!
This image shows a nice mural.
This image shows a nice mural.

Coffee Shops and other small shops

  • Coffee shops and other local shops can benefit from the beauty of these murals whether they are designed specifically for your business or to show the local history. The perfect mural can attract customers by showing an artistic side of your product or giving a visual history of the area to draw attention to your shop.
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There are many benefits to having a professional mural painted in your business that can make a mural a great choice for clients, customers, and your business altogether!

Beautiful Work Of Art

  • One of the greatest benefits of having a wall mural painted in your business is the pure beauty and uniqueness of having a custom mural. The beauty of a mural can draw in customers and clients and give them a sense of calmness or happiness making them more likely to visit because of the uniqueness. Painting a mural in your business puts the brush in your hand because you get to choose the design and then your vision is brought to life creating a beautiful piece of art. Murals are truly showstoppers and bring in many customers solely on their beauty!
This image shows a nice mural.
This image shows a nice mural.

Can Work In Any Location

  • Another great benefit of a mural is they can be done anywhere! Whether you have a smaller place or a larger area a mural can work for you! You can even make it on the ceiling! You can choose to have one mural or a few smaller murals in your business such as murals for different sections of your store or for different rooms in your office. Using murals for every room in an office like a pediatrician can give patients a sense of calmness while offering a bit of brightness and fun!

Bringing In More Revenue

  • Having a mural painting in your business can make your business more profitable! Not only can this draw in more customers and clients by giving a beautiful aesthetic to your business, but it is proven that colors can spark emotion and positive emotions can drive up sales. Colors found in murals can give a positive emotion and create and inviting environment that is better for customers and clients.
This image shows a nice mural.