Accent Walls

Painting Missoula is a team of professionals you can trust to give you the absolute best painting job in your home. One of the most trending painting styles is adding accent walls. Accent walls are perfect for spaces to make them look bigger, give an added definition, or even just adding a pop of color without going overboard. The biggest benefit of an accent wall is giving your space the illusion of being bigger. Accent walls can be decorative or just used as an optical illusion to draw focus to one area creating a bigger looking space. Our team provides knowledge and expertise to help you pick the perfect color for your accent wall as well as the best placement so you can get the most out of your accent wall. Accent walls are the perfect way to transform your space without making a huge commitment with one solid color on all of your walls.

The Perfect Places For Accent Walls

Have you been thinking about adding a pop of color to your home but can’t quite justify a completely yellow room? Does your home have smaller spaces that you wish were bigger? These two main thoughts are the perfect reason to have an accent wall. There are many places to have an accent wall to give your space a pop of color while giving the illusion of a larger space.

There are many different places where an accent wall can be the perfect addition to your home but below are some of the best places to put these great pieces.

The Entryway Of Your Home

  • Having an accent wall in the entryway of you home is a great way to make a strong first impression to your guests. You can choose more subtle colors for accetn or even a fun pop of color to let your personality shine!

Small Spaces

  • Accent walls are perfect for smaller spaces to create the illusion of a bigger space. In places like bedrooms and livingrooms it is great to put an accent wall behind sofas or beds to create this illusion of a larger space by adding this accent color.

Larger Spaces

  • Sometimes in your home you have a larger space that you may not be able to fill with furniture like sofas and entertainment centers. When a space is big like this its easy for the eye to wander and get lost. Having an accent wall, or even ceiling, is a great way to pull this room together and create definition.
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There are mnay different benefits to adding an accent wall to your home that can create a great space and help make your house a home. Below are some of the best benefits of adding an accent wall in your home.

Giving A Pop Of Color

  • One thing about having an accent wall is giving yourself room to be creative. It may seem too outgoing to paint your whole house navy blue, but having an accent wall is a great way to incorporate a fun side to your home while keeping it stylish. With an accent wall you can dive deep into your creative side and use colors that you may not have considered before to give great contrast to your home. There are many different areas of your home that you can use these colors to give an added pop of color to match the sofa or even your bedset just to bring it all together.

Make Smaller Rooms Seem Larger

  • One of the best benefits of having an accent wall in your home is the ability to create the illusion of a larger space. This illusion gives a focal point mostly by using a darker, more dramatic color. This is beneficial in smaller apartments and homes to give the look of a bigger space to bring your decor together better. Having a darker accent wall pushed the room backvisually creating the look of depth within your space.

Separate Rooms Without Construction

  • Many homes have connecting rooms that can make the space seem a bit too large and your eyes can view these areas as one big area when you want to separate the two. With an accent wall you can create the illusion of two separate rooms without having to go through the hassle of construction. This holds true mostly in kitchen areas where the dining area is pushed into the same space. Having an accent wall in these areas gives a separation by using color instead of adding walls or repositioning furniture.