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10 reviews

These are the right people to hire for interior and exterior painting services.

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Painter Missoula blows away the rest of the competition in our area. They offer affordable prices and they are also extremely accommodating!

Painting Professionals You Can Trust

We are a top-rated company committed to budget-friendly prices and excellent customer care!

Years of Experience

Our company has vast painting knowledge backed by years of expert experience.

Customer Service

We take pride in treating every customer with the best care to guarantee satisfaction.

Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

Our company is licensed, bonded, and insured to guarantee the safety of both our customers and our team through every job.

Strong Warranty, Excellent Quality

We offer a warranty for all of our painting work and you can trust in the quality of every job!

Our Great Services

interior painting

Interior Painting

Interior painting is a great way to bring a fresh new look to your home whether you are looking for a change in color, wanting to freshen up a dull area, or even looking to make a space look bigger. A fresh coat of paint can not only increase the value of your home but can have other benefits such as making walls easier to clean or giving an easier transition for a new decorative theme for your home.

exterior painting

Exterior Painting

Exterior paint can give your home a whole new look while also having many benefits. Not only can you change the design and aesthetics of your home, but exterior paint can give added UV protection which can in turn decrease heating and cooling costs. Giving your home a new coat of exterior paint can turn a dull outdoor area into a more vibrant and welcoming home and give added value with a clean, new look.

wallpaper removal

Wallpaper Removal

Wallpaper can truly be a hit or miss material, some homeowners love it while others just need it to go! Removing wallpaper can be a labor-intensive process that requires different tools to get it gone without leaving behind ugly residue. Our team can take the hassle out of wallpaper removal making the process smooth and preparing your wall for a fresh coat of paint, new wallpaper, or just a smooth surface!

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Our Services

residential painting

Residential painting can help you give a fresh new look to your home whether it’s inside or out. This can be preparing a room for a new family addition, giving your kitchen a new look, or even giving the outside of your home a new color to increase your home’s curb appeal.

commercial painting

Commercial painting is beneficial to many businesses like stores, office buildings, and restaurants. This painting also covers places like apartment complexes to give a neat and uniform look to attract tenants. Painting commercial properties not only increases the curb appeal of businesses but can increase productivity, sales, and draw in more clients!

Concrete Painting

Concrete painting is a great way to turn any plain grey concrete into a work of art! The key to the success of painted concrete is the preparation and can turn any concrete surface into a beautiful one! This painting is great for basements, garages, or any outdoor area like patios that could use a new look.

Painting cabinets can be a challenging project but our professionals can get the job done! Painting your cabinets has many benefits including giving your kitchen a whole new look without breaking the bank and making them easier to keep clean.

color matching

Color matching can be a tough process. Let our professionals color match to freshen up your area or cover some repairs or scuffs that have happened. We can color match your paint and make it look as good as new and take the hassle out of the process.

house siding painting

Siding Painting

Vinyl siding can be very pleasing to the eye but after a few years of sun and weather exposure, it can begin to fade and become unsightly. Replacing all of your vinyl sidings may not be within budget which is why painting your siding is a great choice! Not only will it be pleasing to the eye giving great curb appeal but it is budget-friendly as well!

An accent wall is a wall in a room that is a different color to grab attention or “accent” the room. Our team of professionals can help you decide the best wall to make an accent wall and choose colors to compliment the decor so you can get the most out of your accent wall.

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Professionals Bringing You the Best In the Business

Where We Offer Services

A professional team bringing quality painting services and excellent customer service

Our company strives for excellence in both our painting and customer service! We are happy to provide the absolute best painting services to our neighbors of Missoula, Montana and the surrounding areas. We are committed to offering a wide variety of professional painting as well as budget-friendly prices to fit every need! Our team has great knowledge and skills backed by many years of experience.

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Interior Painting

We offer a wide variety of interior painting services for every room of your home. Whether you want to update the color of your kitchen or want a cleaner look to your bathroom we have you covered! Our team of professionals take care of everything from start to finish without any worry of messes or unfinished trim work!

Exterior Painting

Our team offers many different exterior painting services for both residential and commercial property owners. We can paint anything from brick to concrete with ease! If you are looking to update your patio area with a new color or give your home more curb appeal with fresh painted siding our professionals have you covered!

No project is too big or small and our professionals are ready to start your new project today!
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Our company can bring great painting services to your store to give an updated look to bring in more customers. Not only will painting the inside or outside of your store bring more customers, but it can allow for a new look to give better curb appeal and increase the value of your business.

Nothing is more stressful than finding the perfect color to paint a room and having to rematch the color after a repair or finding a scuff that won’t come off. Our professionals can take all the guesswork out of matching your paint color and find the perfect fit for a beautiful finish!

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Painting Services We Offer

Our company is proud to offer a wide variety of professional painting services to Montana including both indoor and outdoor settings as well as residential and commercial properties. Whether you are looking to paint the inside of your home or the outside of your apartment complex we have you covered! We offer great experience and knowledge as well as budget-friendly prices for every job!

All About the Concrete

Concrete can easily be forgotten about once it has been poured and cured, but the more you look at it the grey can get old, fast. Our company offers many different concrete services to revamp your space! We offer a variety of colors to give a new look to your concrete both indoor and outdoor areas or we can do concrete coatings such as epoxy to give additional strength and durability.



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    Why Choose A Professional Painter?

    Mess Free

    Hiring a professional guarentees that there is no mess to clean up afterwards and no painting mishaps like spilled paint or splatters.

    High Quality Work

    With a professional you can guarentee that the job will be high quality with even coats and all trim work perfected.

    Save Time

    Professionals know how to work quickly and efficiently without sacrificing the quality of work.

    Saves Money

    When you paint it’s not as simple as a paint brush and paint. Adding in all the tools, supplies, and paint itself it is more budget-friendly to bring in the professionals.

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