House Painting

This image shows a living room. The wall is newly painted.

Painting Missoula is dedicated to providing you with excellent care in all your house painting needs! We can take care of everything from interior painting jobs like complete rooms and accent walls to your exterior painting needs like siding. There are many places in your home that you can take advantage of our great painting services like your kitchen, bathroom, livingroom, and bedrooms. You can choose to have your whole room painted in your favorite color or even accent walls to give depth and richness to your space. Our professionals have an eye for colors to compliment you home and your decor to give a look straight from a magazine! Painting your home can give a new look altogether or even a brighter look by touching up the paint already in your home. Our team is ready to take on all your residential painting needs and give your home the color of your dreams.

Benefits of Having House Painting


Having your home painted has many benefits that can make your space more inviting and show off your personality and decor. When you get your home professionally painted it can provide many benefits to your home that you may not be aware of. Let our team show you all the great benefits that a fresh coat of paint can give.

Below are some of the great benefits that a fresh coat of paint can provide for your home!

This image shows a living room. The wall is newly painted.


  • When you think about the wear and tear that comes to your walls it makes sense to add a fresh coat of paint. Quality paint can seal moisture out while also giving the benefit of repelling first, dust, and allergens that can help with keeping your home cleaner.


  • Having fresh paint on your interior walls or even your exterior walls can give great curb appeal and give added value to your home. Painting your home can be a great investment adding value and creating a home that looks great and is ready for a potential buyer if you decide to sell.
This image shows a living room. The wall is newly painted.
This image shows a living room. The wall is newly painted.


  • One of the greatest benefits of painting your home whether it is inside or outside is the benefit of personalization. Adding new paint to your home gives you the opportunity to truly express yourself and make your space truly personal to you.
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There are many places around your home that are great ideas for a new coat of paint. Many places may seem obvious but there area also some that can give a great impression that may not cross your mind.

Inside Walls

  • One of the most obvious places to paint in your home are the walls of your home. You can choose the same color throughout your home or have personality shine with a different color in every room. Painting the interior of your home can give a fresh new look that is crisp and clean no matter your color choice. Even if you don’t want a new color, touching up your current paint can still achieve a great look on the inside of your home. There are many benefits to painting the inside of your home making it a perfect investment in your home.
This image shows a living room. The wall is newly painted.
This image shows men painting a house.

Exterior Paint

  • Painting the outside of your home is a great way to truly make your home your own and give great curb appeal. You can choose colors that compliment your yard or driveway to bring the picture of your home together better. Painting the outside of your home gives a clean new look and with quality paint can protect the exterior of your home from the sun and different types of weather. You can bring your dream home to reality with a new color paint.


  • It may not seem like a high priority place but the front door of your home is actually a great place to paint to let your personality shine. Many homeowners are opting for vibrant colors for their front doors like reds and teals to compliment their home colors. Having a bright colored door can give a fun and fresh look to your home and create an inviting space for guests.
This image shows a kitchen cabinet that has been newly painted.