Exterior Painting Services

This image shows a living room. The wall is newly painted.

When it comes to painting your home’s exteriors, you should always put your trust in a group of professionals. You shouldn’t attempt to take on the task yourself. Why? Exterior painting is a long and tedious process that is easy to screw up if you are not careful about what you are doing. There are plenty of benefits when you hire a professional painter. You can avoid all the hassle and stress of completing the job on your own, and a premier painter will do the job efficiently and effectively.

Exterior painting services are a resourceful way to revamp your home and spruce up its appearance. We are the professional exterior painter that you want to hire because we provide a wide range of services that not many other companies in Missoula can offer. This includes stucco painting, brick painting, weatherproof painting, rooftop painting and many more options. No matter the service you require, we can provide it.

Types of Exterior Painting

This image shows a nice mural.

There are several ways in which you can go about your home’s exteriors. How you go about making your decision will depend on your design needs and what appeals to you.

Exterior residential painting services are a viable solution to upgrading your home’s appearance. Hiring a professional exterior painter will always ensure that you are bringing about the best results.

Listed below are some of the different styles of exterior painting services that we offer. Here is what we can do for you:

This image shows a bedroom with newly painted wall.

Residential Paintings

  • Exterior painting solutions for homes and residences are one of our main focuses. We work closely with homeowners to help them determine what it is that they need from us. Painting projects are certainly easy to overcomplicate, which is why we will recommend the service that is best for you based on your aesthetic preferences.

Commercial Paintings

  • We also offer premium exterior painting services for commercial properties, including retail shops and restaurants. We understand that as a business owner, you want to achieve a certain look. You want to implement your branding. You want to revamp your business and leave a strong impression on your customers. Our commercial exterior painting services can benefit your business immensely.
This image shows a commercial building that is newly painted.
This image shows a man using a roller brush to paint a wall.

Color Matching

  • This is one of our exterior painting services that most people don’t realize how important it is until they need it. Color matching, unlike color styling, involves the copying of a color from a known standard. In other words, you can touch up the existing color of your home.
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The style of exterior painting that you choose should match the design and landscaping of your home. Below are some of the options that we offer:

Stucco Painting

  • Stucco painting provides superior finishes that most other methods cannot achieve. Once you apply the material, it will quickly harden and create an incredibly polished exterior appearance. Stucco is an amazing choice because it does not require a lot of maintenance, and it represents a major upgrade over many other exterior painting methods that tend to crack or tarnish easily. Stucco does require regular cleanings, but material offers you an updated appearance that will have your home looking nice and pristine.
This image shows a kitchen cabinet that has been newly painted.
This image shows a nice mural.

Brick Painting

  • Many people are very much surprised to learn that you can indeed undergo professional brick painting. Perhaps there are a lot of homes in your area that are also made of brick. Well, why not try and stand out? Brick painting is certainly doable no matter what your home will require. Cosmetic changes to your brick exterior can do a great deal of good in revamping and upgrading the appearance of your home. However, if there is existing paint on your brick, we will need to remove it before we proceed to paint your exteriors. With brick painting, we usually suggest that you aim for something more natural-looking.

Waterproof Painting

  • With waterproof painting, or waterproofing, you are killing to birds with one stone. An effective waterproofing paint will provide anti-corrosion capabilities while allowing the underlying layer to breathe and preventing any potential deterioration. Furthermore, waterproof painting also gives you the chance to upgrade the appearance of your exterior in addition to offering you greater strength and resilience. You are effectively eliminating all of the defects with your previous paint job.
This image shows a living room. The wall is newly painted.