A Comprehensive Guide to Interior Painting Solutions for Your Home

You are remodeling your interiors and can’t wait to get started. However, you also want some advice on what the process entails when undergoing a DIY residential painting project. You know that you’re capable of doing the job, but you want to bring about the best possible results. Interior painting and home renovations can be quite overwhelming, but there are guidelines you should follow that will allow you to become a better painter.

Purchasing Your Paint

Go to the store and pick up a few different paints. Why? It’s hard to say which one you are going to fall in love with right away. Usually, you need to see the color painted on your wall first before you can get an idea of how it will appear. Also, determine the total square feet of all the rooms you plan on painting. Here’s a pro tip: one gallon of paint will cover roughly 400 square feet. Producing textured surfaces or painting your home without the use of a primer may require you to use more paint.

When you hire a residential interior painting service, they will adhere to a schedule. Painting is a lot more time-consuming than you think, and the project can drag on and on if you are not very regimented in your approach. Once you apply a coating of paint, you have to wait another 24 hours to apply another coating. Most paints job are going to require multiple coatings. Also, don’t underestimate the amount of prep work that goes into a residential painting project, which what we will talk about next.